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ICF Award
2012 Winner, Light Commercial

LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms
Green homes are built to last while reducing your home’s energy consumption. Logix insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are the ideal choice for both below-grade and above-grade walls because they combine the insulating power of expanded polystyrene and the durability of reinforced concrete.
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The Stronger Technology

4-Hour Fire Rating

Fire Protection -
4-hour fire rating

Wind Protection - Over 9 times stronger than wood frame construction

moisture protectionMoisture Protection -
Won't Rot

Earthquake Protection - engineering available for all seismic zones

Insulated Concrete Forms

Cobra Concrete installs LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms to build greener,
stronger and more comfortable homes.

ICF Homes meet tomorrow's standard for energy efficiency today.

LOGIX. Good. Solid. Green. We all know that insulation is a major factor in contributing to an energy efficient, comfortable building. However, in terms of energy efficiency the performance of a wall assembly is more critical than the insulation alone.

This fact is supported when you consider buildings with exterior walls made with insulated concrete forms (ICFs) require 44% less energy to heat, and 33% less energy to cool, compared to wood framed walls of similar insulation value.

Despite the similarity in insulation values, ICF walls contribute to a much more energy efficient building than framed walls. This attribute of ICFs is known as the “ICF Effect.” So what is it about ICFs that create the ICF effect? Three properties: Continuous insulation, Air tightness and Thermal mass.

Although the up-front construction cost of a LOGIX XtraComfort ™ home may be slightly higher than a traditional wood-framed home, the actual “overall living” cost is often lower when energy savings are considered. A home built with LOGIX ICFs can save approximately $200 in monthly energy costs, allowing you to pay off your mortgage sooner.

Energy Efficient. Today's super-efficient LOGIX XtraComfort Homes routinely cut energy bills in half and can achieve HERS scores of 40, which means they are outperforming existing building codes by 60%.

Upgrade to a LOGIX XtraComfort Home and get a greener, stronger and more comfortable home. A home that meets tomorrow’s standard of energy efficiency, today.

LOGIX ExtraComfort Basements. Choosing to upgrade to a LOGIX XtraComfort™ basement will give you a greener, more comfortable home today and a basement that will be tomorrow’s standard for energy efficiency. Additional benefits include: Mold resistant, , Pest resistant, Frost resistant, Crack resistant and, Waterproof.

Net Zero Ready. The next wave of green buildings will be net-zero buildings that sell energy back to the grid instead of buying it. Combined with cost-effective renewable energy generation and complimented with net-zero detailing, LOGIX is the solution for building commercially viable net-zero homes.


Continuous foam insulation. Two thick, continuous logix Pro foam panels envelope the home to provide an effective wall assembly r-value of r-25.

Low air infiltration. The logix wall assembly delivers up to 60% lower air infiltration than a traditionally built wall. This feature adds to the thermal performance of the foam insulation and makes the home even more draft-free and comfortable.

5-day thermal lag. The logix concrete core also provides a 5-day thermal lag. The thermal performance of the home is enhanced yet again.

Greater safety and protection. Logix’s steel-reinforced concrete core also protects your home against fires, hurricanes and earthquakes. ICF construction also helps save on insurance costs.

Exceptional soundproofing. The concrete core significantly reduces the penetration of outside noise.

Termite Protection. With LOGIX TX each individual foam bead that makes up form panels are coated with imidacloprid, a compound that protects against termite damage without affecting the material properties. Since each bead is individually protected, LOGIX TX is more effective and kills termites before they chew through the outer surface of the form panels. Learn more >>>

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