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ICF Award
2012 Winner, Light Commercial

Fox Blocks Industrial Strenght Insualted Concrete Forms
All FOX BLOCKS forms are designed with a pre-formed interlocking system that holds the courses of block securely together and are reversible. This prevents movement of the forms during concrete placement and concrete leakage during a pour.    Learn More >>>
Fox Blocks Insulated Concrete Walls specified for the exterior building envelope on sustatainable projects will add directly and indirectly to the contribution of LEED points in multiple credit categorie
Energy StarENERGY STAR Home Sealing Insulation, when installed according to ENERGY STAR quidelines, can save energy.

Insulated Concrete Forms

Fox Blocks ICF Wall Systems – Sustainable and Green Recycled ICF Installion

Building Fortified Safe Homes with ICF Blocks

Fox Blocks Insulating Concrete Form Wall Systems provide an extremely energy efficient building envelope offering superior strength, sound, air quality, and well insulated walls. Fox Blocks ICF building blocks is a division of Airlite Plastics Company, The Company produces roughly 1.6 billion molded units a year.

Designer and manufacturer of ICF blocks. Airlite Plastics is one of the earliest molders to design and manufacture ICF blocks. To date, Airlite Plastics has manufactured over 6 million ICF units, 76 million tie/webs and over 33 million square feet of wall surface.

In 2005, Airlite Plastics created a new block that provided the dynamic customer solution contractors had been looking for offering a better value while contributing to environmentally sustainable "green" construction.

The result, a new division of Airlite Plastics with a new design in ICF wall systems – Fox Blocks. And new in 2010, Fox 1440, Silver Fox and Fox Tilt-Up. Because all of the work is completed in-house (the design and production of blocks and ties) Fox Blocks are produced more cost effectively and efficiently, passing on real savings to you, our customer.


FOX BLOCK series: Industrial Strength reversible ICF Highest percentage of recycled plastic offers the best value and price in the industry.

FOX 1440 series: Voted #1 ICF knockdown panel system. Reversible ICF excels where heavy rebar, shipping and storage are important priorities.

FOX TILT-UP series: The 1-step insulation and furring system designed to save time and labor for Tilt-Up Contractors.

SILVER FOX series: Industrial Strength reversible ICF 20% increase in R-value with no increase in wall thickness.


Ledge form for brick

"T" form for joints

curved wall form

angled wal

Fox Block house