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ICF Award
2012 Winner, Light Commercial

Project Gallery

ICF construction by cobra concrete

  • St. George Orthodox Church of Indianaoplis, IN St. George Orthodox Church of Indianaoplis, IN This ICF construction installed by Cobra Concrete held many challenges including a bell tower and domed ceilings.


St. George Orthodox Church
Indianapolis, IN

St. Mark Coptic Church
Myrtle Beach

Rowan Helping Ministries
Salisbury, NC


Duck River Electric Co-op
Manchester, TN

CMPD - Steele Creek Div.
Charlotte, NC

CMPD - Eastway Div.
Charlotte, NC

Pender County EMS/EOC
Burgaw, NC


6,000 Sq.Ft. Residential Home
Fayetteville, NC

6,000 Sq.Ft. Residential Home
Daniel Island, SC

3,200 Sq.Ft. Residential Home
Atoka, TN

5,600 Sq.Ft. Residential Home
Greenwood, SC